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Resogun Original Soundtrack
November 18th, 2013 | Category: AriTunes, Audio, Music | 9 Comments

Wow! What a journey this has been.

Resogun is now out in US and rest of the world follows quickly when PlayStation 4 comes out. Reviews have been highly positive, and music has been rated exceptional by many. PlayStation 4 is undeniable one of the biggest entertainment releases the decade. I’m also one of the few (if not the only) composer in the world that has two release games available straight from the start; Trine 2 Complete Story is also a Day One title in PS4 launch. But let’s talk about Resogun!

When I got the project, I was really inspired by the game design and the art of Resogun. It felt right. It felt like a beginning of something awesome. And it was that! Our goal was to have a soundtrack, that would not only immerse players behind the game experience, but also work as a tribute to the classic games of the entertainment history. We chose to have an electronic approach, since the game itself looks and feels over-the-top technological marvel.

First we went much more retro-style with the soundtrack, but in the middle of the project it felt right to upgrade the sounds and overall atmosphere to more modern and crispier in style. Many players and reviewers have already noted similarities with Tron Legacy Soundtrack made by Daft Punk, M83′s Oblivion score, and even Steve Jablonsky’s Transformers themes. It is true that these awesome scores have influenced a lot Resogun music and I’m proud that Resogun OST is being compared to these mega-Hollywood movie soundtracks that probably had 10 times bigger budgets than Resogun. Resogun OST is still an unique, different and fun score that stands on its own: this is what I’m the most proud of.

The best way to support an indie composer like me is to subscribe to my Youtube, Twitter and Facebook pages. I’m in a middle of starting my own Record Label “AriTunes Records“, and Resogun music fans over the world are most definitely all welcome to join the journey!

On the other news; Resogun Soundtrack is on the way. I will keep you posted!

Angry Birds Theme music brakes a record
October 17th, 2012 | Category: AriTunes, Audio, Music | 3 Comments

I haven’t been updating my blog in a long time; this is something I’d like to change. However, I’ve been actively updating my official facebook channel Please like my pages to get the latest news and maybe some special offerings!

The reason for this post, is that I want to share a picture with you that tells you something amazing… Angry Birds Theme music sold Gold in 7 minutes early this year in Finland! International release coming!

Angry Birds Soundtrack
January 30th, 2012 | Category: AriTunes, Music | 1 Comment

I got weary of various crappy youtube versions (without my name on them!) of different Angry Birds music I’ve done and decided to upload them myself with better quality! Here is all the work I’ve done with Angry Birds, including some rarer tracks from the past. You cannot buy most of these tracks from anywhere, but you can certainly listen and comment your favorite music!

Behold, Angry Birds Soundtrack (Original HQ versions) by Ari Pulkkinen

Which Angry Birds version is the best of my work? Arguing starts now!

Trine 2 OST Special Edition now available!
December 14th, 2011 | Category: AriTunes, Audio, Music | 3 Comments

The long awaited Trine 2 SE OST is now available as lossless FLAC -format and high quality MP3! This Special Edition Trine 2 soundtrack contains all of the hits that make up the critically acclaimed sequel and two orchestral renditions. Giant Dragon and Trine 2 Main Theme have received a great treatment from a grand scale classical ensamble by Dynamedion Philharmonic Orchestra. These two exclusive tracks have only been partly featured in trailers before and now you can enjoy them too!

This whole package is available now on here on only 9,95 EUR and soon on iTunes and Amazon digital shops (I will update this information later). If you already own Trine 2 soundtrack and want the extra two exclusive tracks, you can buy just them for a low price of 2,95 EUR! I’ve also added Trine 1 & Trine 2 SE OST Soundtrack Bundle in the shop page – if you haven’t already gotten Trine 1 OST, now is the perfect opportunity to get the full Trine World Soundtrack experience (over 2 hours of best medieval fantasy music in the world) for just 15,95 EUR!

A big thanks to my fans for supporting me and hope you enjoy this delightful soundtrack. As an indie composer, every penny goes directly to my expences and its a big help for me to make even better music, as I can update my studio and instruments, have more resources and get talented musicians to perform in my songs. Your support is very important for me and my work, and I thank you from my heart!

Angry Birds Audio Analysis
November 10th, 2011 | Category: AriTunes, Audio, Music | 2 Comments

Mauronewmedia made a cognitive teardown of the user experience of why Angry Birds is so successful and popular, and they also thought about the importance of Angry Birds sounds and music. Their analysis is suprisingly well-thought and deep, it seems that they have really studied the game and the sound design behind it. Their analysis goes like this:

Over the past 15 years, the neuroscience of music has taken a huge leap forward. This new research is just beginning to tell us why music adds such a strong emotional component to movies, advertising, theater, and of course, new media of all types, including casual computer games. Employing the power of audio stimuli including structured music often adds a critical level of engagement for users of all forms of technology. Angry Birds’ audio effects and music seem simple but are, in fact, very complex. The use of audio effects and carefully varied melodic music lines works to enhance the game play engagement level. Many games do this but few do it expertly.

The audio in Angry Birds serves to enhance the user’s experience by mapping tightly to the user’s simple mental model of conflict between the angry birds and the loathsome pigs. This concept, known in film production as “action syncing”, provides enhanced levels of the feedback for users at just the right time. For example, in Angry Birds, we hear the birds chatter angry encouragement to their colleagues as each prepares for launch. We hear avian dialogue as the birds arc toward their targets and hear the pained response from their victims when they strike their targets. The pigs are by no means silent. When the avian interlopers fail, they are often egged on to try just one more time by the snickering, grinning pigs. These consistently applied audio elements reinforce the player’s interactions and deepen engagement by emphasizing the anthropomorphic qualities of the main characters of the game and providing clever enhanced feedback during critical on-screen behaviors. What about the actual melodic music shifting from the foreground to the background without apparent reason? This musical thread running through the game play experience is mysteriously familiar and easily understood in the context of the overall theme of the game. Where have I heard that melody before? This combination of audio feedback is varied just enough that parents sitting in the next room are rarely prone to demanding an end to game play based on distracting musical repetition. Perhaps this explains the high number of hours spent playing the game!

How to make successful audio branding – explained!

Ari Pulkkinen’s music in Youtube
October 18th, 2011 | Category: AriTunes | 7 Comments

I’ve finally managed to share some of my music through Youtube channel for your enjoyment!. Also, be sure to check out my facebook channel from time to time – I’ll be posting some interesting stuff there too! I will be updating my youtube channel regularly from now on. In the future (hopefully end of this year), my music will be available from various places, including iTunes, Amazon and other digital services. In meanwhile, enjoy Theme from Angry Birds performed by London Philharmonic Orchestra!

Angry Birds Music & Audio Interview
September 23rd, 2011 | Category: AriTunes, Audio, Music | 3 Comments

Michael Coleman from Soundworks (part of Mix Music Magazine) made an interview about Angry Birds music & audio with me. At the time of the interview (this summer), I was having a small holiday at my summer cabin – I didn’t have time to work all summer in there because of my work with Trine 2, but it was still really relaxing. Well, here’s some interesting stories about making of Angry Birds music and sounds you have always wanted to hear!

SoundWorks Collection: The Sound and Music of Angry Birds from Michael Coleman on Vimeo.

Angry Birds played by a live Orchestra
September 2nd, 2011 | Category: AriTunes, Music | 2 Comments

And the day every Angry Birds fan has been waiting for is today – Angry Birds Theme is played first time by a live orchestra, no other than London Philharmonic Orchestra!

It’s the first time my song has been played by a live, professional orchestra, and this is a very special honor and day for me. But I am sure that this will certainly not be the last time a full orchestra plays my songs, this is certain!

But, as much I would like to be in the concert today, I cannot – official affirmation came too late for me and I was unable to arrange my travel to London. Not that I could “arrange it”, but I have other things I have to do, like finalizing Trine 2 soundtrack. I am quite sad about this, but life is sometimes like this. :)

I have a wish – If anyone you goes to see the concert, I would like to know how did the audience react and what was the overall feeling in the concert hall when Angry Birds theme was played.

edit: I got my cousin and her husband to the concert, nice! I feel a lot better :)

AriTunes Gamescom Demoreel 2011
August 15th, 2011 | Category: AriTunes, Audio, Music | 2 Comments

I decided to make a decent demoreel of my projects and finally combine them together. I’m going to Gamescom 2011 event in Cologne, Germany this week, so this demoreel is quite handy when meeting new potential customers, or even just talk with the fans! Well, enjoy the demoreel!

One of the most listened composer in the world
July 13th, 2011 | Category: AriTunes, Audio, Music | 17 Comments

It seems I am one of the most listened composer in the world right now and no one notices. :) Over 250 million people have heard original Angry Birds theme, and most of them have heard all AB Seasons remixes too… not calculating how many official (and unofficial) youtube videos there are with Angry Birds theme in the background or fan videos with the same tune.

Anyway, Angry Birds isn’t the only soundtrack I have made. No Sir. I have made memorable work, according to players and reviews, in many much bigger console games. Even now, in Sony’s playstation network “welcome back” program, they’re offering games like Dead Nation and Super Stardust HD, which already had hundred thousands of players. Also Trine and Outland -games have been very successful ones and had great reviews. Also Shadowgrounds games had also a decent fan base years ago. I have calculated that over two million have heard my music in other than Angry Birds merchandise… So the amount of listeners of my music should go over 300 million soon. Wow!

But I am not famous. My music is loved by many around the world but my name is still totally unknown to mainstream media and most of the listeners. Propably because my name is not mentioned much. Well at least my name is in the credits (that nobody ever reads) and few companies manage to mention my name for the press even! Sometimes it feels that I’m just a resource, an outsourcer that just makes music and sounds. Not surprisingly, I’ve only got ONLY ONE press interview in two years, and that was a small finnish YleX program. Come on. :)

Should I care too much? Should my name come more up? Should ‘game’ composers have more press coverage? The good side is that now I have some peace to make even more greater music, without too much hassle and press coverage. But still it would be nice to have some recognition. It always manages to anger me a little when I see Angry Birds theme somewhere without my name being mentioned – unofficial remix or whatnot. Even some of my friends or distant family have been unaware that I did Angry Birds. It’s feels a bit silly.

Currently I’m composing Trine 2 Soundtrack, and it will be a really great one. After that there’s already much work ahead, but do I just continue to work as music outsourcer or should I be making my own commercial music? Future will tell. For now I enjoy making game music, I’ve always have. It’s still a place and format not ruined by money and mainstream crap – there’s a still place for real music and soul.

Now I feel a little bit more relieved. Sorry about the small rant. ;)

Making of Dead Nation Music & Audio
July 11th, 2011 | Category: AriTunes, Audio, Music | 2 Comments

The most downloaded PlayStation Network exclusive game today, and the best PSN exclusive game 2010, Dead Nation is a gruesome M-rated top-down action game placed in an apocalyptic world that has been overrun by a zombie virus. It is also the biggest audio design AriTunes has made in its history, so far (Trine 2 might be even bigger though). Dead Nation features over 8,500 unique audio assets, over hour of music designed to work dynamically in-game and custom made zombie voice overs – the kind of sound & music design you can expect from any AAA titled game. Big stuff. Dead Nation music & audio design has got some really impressive reviews from the press, stating stuff like “greatest use of audio in a videogame“, “Uncomfortably realistic audio” and “greatest use of audio in a videogame“.

Making of Dead Nation Original Soundtrack

Dead Nation original soundtrack reflects the tensions and the horrors of the post-apocalyptic world. It features industrial ambient, rock music and orchestral elements, and it basically keeps you on the edge while you are playing the game, all the time. I wanted the players to feel how twisted the place is, and how the main characters have lost all their hope, but still kick ass against all odds. The biggest achievement of DN soundtrack was that it changes dynamically in-game from different tension levels and locations – it features six different tension phases from non-life threatening situational ambient to the most intensive heart pulsing ‘you’re gonna die now -action music. It also has different music in more boss-music like scenarios and some other unique places like a circus and zombie disco.

Making the original soundtrack was hard at first – I didn’t actually have any straight reference for the music. I really liked the 28 Months Later, Dawn of The Dead Remake and Resident Evil: Afterlife Original soundtracks but they didn’t had much reference to Dead Nation dynamical phases of 4-6 for the high action parts. Then I just decided to just go for it and add as much action-horror, high pulsing themes and all the industrial sh*t I could find to the action parts that I could – it worked out great in the end and turned out to be a really gritty and frightening soundtrack. I’m trying to make it an official soundtrack after summer, but the dynamic format must be changed back to work in a single-track style.

Making of Dead Nation Sound Design

Lets start about thinking of Dead Nation audio assets – over 8,500 unique audio assets, you get the picture when you realize the total length of the sounds are over x hours. And I’m not talking about some basic sounds taken from some sound libraries, no sir. These are custom made sounds for Dead Nation, each one designed to work in-game, mix-matrix and audio design. We got so far in audio design, that we have even had physics sounds for events like “hobo zombie dropping hobo-sack”, “zombie critical hit throat gurgle and blood sounds”, “physics sounds for every physics object in-game” and even “funny clown-like additional sounds for clown zombie dying” (these are actually super hilarious, producer and CEO of Housemarque almost choked of laughing). I’m sure you’ll get the picture.

OK, so there’s a lots of custom made sound effects, so what? Well let me tell you. The biggest achievement that I’m the most proud of all the zombie vocals – custom made in five sound recording sessions, with ‘amateur’ sound actors that “found their true meaning of life” when performing perfect zombie vocals for the game. (note: it is extremely exhausting and HARD to record good zombie vocals, really) These actors included the lead designer and coder of Dead Nation, couple women who had never even played games (who were really great!), game producer, Art Director, and lead singer of rock band called RockMasters and of course me, the voice over director/actor of these sessions. I was the first to record the vocals and show how it was done, and it was really sweaty session – so wet in fact, that after the act everyone wondered what the hell I was doing in the studio. (yes yes, acted like a lunatic like usual) Well… voice actor after another came out of the studio, having the same symptoms as me. Everybody said that acting zombie was probably one of the hardest things they have ever done, except running coopers test in the Finnish army. Anyone wondering why it is so hard – try to yell as loud you can for five minutes and act like you are a hungry, angry and mad zombie running after tasty human flesh. I’m really sorry that I didn’t take any video of the sessions, but maybe I’ll post some audio clips later on…

Making of Outland Music & Audio
May 9th, 2011 | Category: AriTunes, Audio, Music | 8 Comments

Designing music and sound to a spiritual, abstrack dream… Outland was a fresh breeze for creative mind, also a bit of clusterfrack at first. From the start of the project there was this interesting vision of outlandish and apocalyptic spirit world shattered by two powerful entities. The entire world is connected by a spirit energy – all audio linked to each other somehow. This was so different a concept that at first it seemed to be a quite hard and painful task – it needed something really unique and fresh, “out of the box” design for audio. (And no, I’m not talking about drugs.)

Music for your own personal spirit journey

As for Outland original soundtrack, it combines strong melodies, diverse orchestral and ethnic styles and tense atmospheres. If you look at Outland and listen to the audio, you might even have a really deep psychedelic experience! At first (when the game was at design phase) we had one really long track for each (six) chapter, but in the middle of the development there grew a clear need for much more different tracks, including ambient styles. Also, there are moments of silence in-game, keeping to the minimalistic approach from time to time, obeying the phrase “less is more”.  However, at the end of this insanely busy project, I ended up making two tracks per day, basically with just one try (no iterations) and kept telling myself that I’m doing the right choices.

Some inspiration for Outland soundtrack was taken from original Fallout games, Passion of the Christ (the movie) and Apocalypto (the movie). Original Fallout games (1&2) by Mark Morgan were an enlightment for me back in the days – the ambient work Morgan did for Fallouts totally hooked and immersed me into the world. This idea was also the bottom line for Outland soundtrack.

Spirit energy, Gaia and the complex world of dreams

I’ll let you know that I have never done anything so abstract art-shit than Outland sound design (except Alan Wake light game-play and shadow-shield sounds). Outland sound design is deeply tied to the spiritual, dream-like atmosphere (or what I like to call spirit energy stuff), making the world an alluring and unique place to visit and hear. Lots of different sounds were made to enhance the characters, energy bullets and action – the corner stones of the audio design. There are also many interesting details in Outland: Hero’s sword reflects Star Wars light-saber sound design, enemies do not sound anything organic or “real”, spirit energy variates thematically from small energy bullets to huge streams – and what I call a huge accomplishment, this same spirit energy is linked almost to any sound in the game. Yes, really. This “little” detail is the main cause of Outland being so damn hypnotic. The same detail is linked even to the boss fights, where instead of basic epic Hollywood style roaring and screaming there is only spirit boogeyman stuff going on, making the bosses also part of the twisted world that I cannot even now understand.

Also, the original sound asset list for Outland (about 100 sounds and variations) grew over four times bigger in the end. I was crunching (aka. working my ass off on a tight schedule) so hard in the end of the project that many of the sounds I hear in the game now, seem to be unfamiliar to me. I was in an audio monkey-robot mode. (edit: also, I want to thank Outland lead designer Aki Raula for his uncredited contribution for audio design! He apparently ninja’ed a few sounds in-game without telling me;))

Outland is available on Xbox360 live arcade and (hopefully soon) on PlayStation 3 network. It has been a huge success and gotten very good reviews around the world; on metacritic, it is currently rated 85/100 , which is one of the best scores this year for a downloadable game.

ps. Outland Original Soundtrack is not yet available. I will inform you on the availability as soon as I know it myself.

Making of Angry Birds music
March 14th, 2011 | Category: AriTunes, Audio, Music | 56 Comments

This blog is propably a long overdue, but better later than never! As Angry Birds composer (and sound designer), I would like to shed a light to the making of Angry Birds music. First of all I would like to address how I was inspired – I literally lived and worked the whole summer in my summer cabin in the shores of lake Saimaa, in the town of Puumala. Now, this place is really quiet and comfortably placed on the most beautiful countryside in Finland. Anyway – also the nature is really close to you. And the Birds.

This is me, having an inspirational brake from composing Angry Birds theme in 2009, floating in a lake, surrounded by a flock of ducks. (and having a beer)
Ari relaxing while making Angry Birds Theme

OK. Now, The Angry Birds theme was actually the first version of the song that I wrote after getting the design documents of the game. There was a small debate about it beeing too annoying (oh really?), but eventually me and Rovio decided that it was actually a good thing (I also wanted Angry Birds to have a really memorable theme). See, when you are making as crazy and unique game as Angry Birds, there cannot be any generic music going on – it has to be memorable, somewhat silly and highlighting, underlining the feelings of the birds. And about talking about the feelings of these silly, really angry birds – the song is composed to have three parts: the first part is when the Birds are happy and doing their usual stuff like singing, being cute, just caring about the eggs. Second part is when the Birds realize that their eggs have been stolen – they became angry, confused and crazy. The third part is when the Angry Birds have noticed the pigs are stealing their eggs, and then started chasing/bombing/war against the pigs – a war that only Angry Birds can have: silly, out of control, excessive and Angry. And how militaristic sounding war can really cute, cuddly and crazy birds have? Mi-mi mim-mi, mi-mi mimmi….

Oh, this my view from the summer studio.Rovio producer didn’t like it (while he was tormented by heat and view of concrete blocks in an office back in Helsinki)
A view from Ari's summer studio

So, Angry Birds theme must be one of the most known and memorable themes out there right now. If my calculations are correct, way over 100 million people have already heard the Angry Birds theme song, making me the most listened composer in the world right now. Really. I’m also continuing to make new versions of the Theme – many of you have propably heard the different versions of the Theme in Angry Birds Seasons (Halloween, Happy Holidays, Hugs & Kisses, St.Patrics Day etc) and the latest AB Rio. There were also really fun to make and a subject of a different blog article that I will write down later.

I’m also gonna address about the singing of the Angry Birds – most of you don’t propably know but I’m also the main voice behind the Birds and Pigs. In the Original game there is 5 voice actors including me and Rovio guys, and my voice covers most of the Red bird and pigs. In the Angry Birds trailers, it’s mostly my voice heard – in the AB Rio Trailer, I’m the voice of Red Bird and Blue Bird (man that was funny to make). “Mi-mi-mimmi, mi-mi-mimmi” -singing cracked me up every time. ;)

This is me playing Angry Birds tunes in my summer cabin studio. Or just showing off in a fake situation.
Ari playing inside summer cabin studio

Anyway, if you have any questions about making of the Angry Birds music, post a question here and I’ll try to get back to you. I’ll post a blog about Angry Birds sound design later, so lets just stick to the music for now. (Note: I use Cubase 5 and loads of VST -instruments, can use both Mac and PC platforms. AB sheets are coming in the near future!)

Angry Birds remixes
March 9th, 2011 | Category: AriTunes, Audio, Music | 8 Comments

Angry Birds has grown to a mindblowing, sensational franchise all over the world – also, the music plays a big part of the game and there is a growing number of fan made remixes out there. As a Angry Birds theme composer I would like to address the rules when making those.

If you want to make a (free) remix out of Angry Birds theme in youtube or such, remember to type in the composer name “Ari Pulkkinen – Angry Birds Theme”, it is a respectful and an honorable thing to do.

The best version so far

Angry Birds theme by Genevieve Trio is my favorite ‘remix’ out of all. This version really captures the feeling of the Original theme and also adds variation to the melody. If Angry Birds would have been made with live instrumentation from the start, this is how the theme would have propably sounded. Bravo!

More videos and comments coming soon :)

Ari’s interview in Finnish media
October 18th, 2010 | Category: News | Leave a comment

Ari is speaking about game music and composing for games Finland’s national public service broadcasting company (only in finnish!) Will add english stuff later.

Vuvuzela is ruining FIFA World Cup 10
June 12th, 2010 | Category: Audio, Uncategorized | 3 Comments

I never thought I blog about football (soccer in states). I really love the athmosphere of big sporting events and other such epic crowd events. As audio wise, a cheering mega crowd with drums and songs are something you cannot audio design in a studio.

But now.. those hundreds of vuvuzelas are ruining everything! Cannot hear the crowd cheering, cannot hear commentator, cannot hear referee whistling – cannot hear nothing but that annoying bee-horn-sound. Constantly. Never ending. Even when national anthems are playing, you cannot hear the music – hundreds of morons are giving a middle finger to everyone. They are like bad little children wanting to annoy the shit out of everyone.

[EDIT: I find it great to watch the games with TV mute on, playing AriTunes Spotify playlists! Click and listen official AriTunes Spotify playlists! :) ]

FIFA, please ban vuvuzelas. I waited four years for these games and now I have to watch these games with muted sound! They say it’s cultural thing to play these 8$ chinese plastic toys – OK – would it be fun if these games would be held in Scotland and they would play bagpipes the same way? No.

[EDIT: Tired of Vuvuzela while watching World Cup? Watch the games on mute, click to listen AriTunes official Spotify playlists! ]

Trine, pricing, soundtrack
August 29th, 2009 | Category: AriTunes, Audio | 7 Comments

Trine OST was recently revealed officially and there has been some writings about the price. It is unfortunate that some products are priced wrong, or seem to be too expensive for their value. With Trine it all begun with the pricing of the game itself – it was certainly not mine or Frozenbyte’s doings. I think the “huge mess” that it had created have now followed the price of OST.

As for the Trine Soundtrack, I am sorry if it seems to cost too much. I did so much extra work with this title, umm, like a month? Lets face it – Trine Soundtrack is over 70 minutes long with the bonus tracks (that’ll be available shortly for owners of the OST!), and it’s available in HQ MP3 and even lossless FLAC format! The pricing is still below soundtrack average.

And where all the money goes? I was aiming for a Ferrari (not)… I cannot go into the small details of my contract but let’s say that I’m hoping that the sales coverage my expences and time spent with Trine. I think I’d be happy to get new music work station that would help me to create even better music – let’s say, if there would be ‘Trine 2′ on the horizon.. you never know.

Those who have and those who will purchase the soundtrack – I thank all of you! Those who won’t be getting it, I thank you for the interest and praises you have given in the forums and such!

edit: oh, to my fans at $ country, I didn’t realize dollars were so crappy against euros right now. Please US, stop printing more cash ;)


The soundtrack of your life
August 12th, 2009 | Category: AriTunes, Music | 3 Comments

There’s need for more complex emotions in games. There’s need for mature game design. There’s need for emotions that covers the full spectrum of human life – not just hate, agression, stress and conquest.

I like scores bigger than life and deeper than death, but there’s need for emotions that stand in the middle. In a certain point in life there are holes in our souls that need to be filled and music is sometimes the only way. I think the game industry and the gamers themself have grown to accept that you can expect more from games – if you can experience beautiful and memorable moments in a movie, why not in a game that is in your control to see and listen.

My goal is to make music that not only fits in the background but brings soul and gives all the needed emotional spectrums, and to invent something new with the advantages of unique dynamic environments in the interactive media.  I like to call this concept as “The soundtrack of your life”.

What soundtrack has influenced your life the most, and why?

Suggestions about listening Trine OST
July 23rd, 2009 | Category: AriTunes, Music | 7 Comments

As the Trine Original Soundtrack is now released, there’s a bunch of usefull situations or places where and how you can listen to it!

  • While reading any kind of fantasy books.
  • At home, just chilling without underpants, making food, cleaning etc.
  • While studying or when you need to consentrate on something… like spying.
  • While playing board games with your friends.
  • While performing live action role-playing (LARP) (or in front of a large mirror while dressing up like an elf -ballerina.)
  • When you need to cheer up and just enjoy life!
  • When playing World of Warcraft or any other fantasy MMO game.
  • In a rock concert, play it from a loudspeakers to show that you’re a real man.
  • If you have a bad child, wife or mother-in-law you need to calm down, try playing this soundtrack.
  • When drinking beer,rum or whisky and feeling sassy!

What’s your suggestion?

Sound Design that sells
May 11th, 2009 | Category: AriTunes, Audio | 5 Comments

Last saturday I went to watch the new Star Trek movie, which I enjoyed much. A great reboot for the series!

But what was the most amazing thing about that night was Transformers 2 trailer. I remember how I praised sound design of the first Transformers movie but this trailer blew my mind! Most of the sounds I heard were truly unique, amazing sounds that I left me wondering how they were made. I’m definetly gonna see the movie just to hear the sounds.

In most of the movie trailers and even movies that I’ve seen, there’s sounds that I spot taken directly from a certain sound fx libraries without even a single change – this have always bothered me. Is it because of the limitations of the budget or the lazyness / lack of skill of the sound designer? For me, audio design is also an art form, and when I spot ‘important’ sound assets from a sample CD, it really doesn’t feel good. OK, I know most of you will never notice any of these but still…

By important sound asset I mean a sound that is one of the key elements of the movie or a game – a sound that should be unique. One example of this can be heard in a TV-serie “Heroes” – you know when Hiro is twiching his face and going time travel? Yeah, there is a sample taken directly from a sample CD called “Sound Designers Toolkit”. Meh! That’s one of the most used special sound fx in the series!

So, speaking of Transformers and audio, seems like there can be sound design that sells. I’ve always believed that only music can do that. The trick is the usual – make something unique sound design that nobody else have made. Doesn’t sound easy, doesn’t it?