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AriTunes is an award-winning music and audio studio specialized in the entertainment industry. Now over 2 billion console and mobile gamers have heard AriTunes original music and audio. While Angry Birds is still the most famous, AriTunes has branded also other major brands in the game and entertainment industry like Resogun, Trine & StarDust -series, Outland, Dead Nation to bring their products to life with memorable original soundtracks to cutting edge sound design and audio branding. Founded by Ari Pulkkinen in 2008, AriTunes studio is based in Helsinki, Finland.

I love to create emotions, feelings and good memories through music - if my music inspires you, I am truly happy!
-Ari Pulkkinen, CEO of AriTunes
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Studio location: Kasarmikatu 36, 00130 Helsinki, Finland

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